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Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane lamps are a wonderful way to protect the flame and light of your candle. Use a Holyrood hurricane lamp or a straight glass hurricane lamp to mount a pillar or church candle, which can then be carried safely during services or left to burn decoratively in your home. Tea light hurricane lamps are ideal for garden parties, barbecues and simply bringing the magic of the living flame into your outside spaces. We stock a wide range of tea light hurricanes in classic styles. Bring a delightful touch of retro cool to your garden lighting and relax safely with the gentle light of tea lights dotting your patio and hanging from the branches of your trees. You can also use tea light hurricane lamps to bring a real touch of romance to a picnic. Just pack a couple of lamps and a bag of tea lights along with the basket of food and the wine and you have a portable romantic atmosphere, suitable for safe use wherever you choose to rest. In addition to lamps and the candles that fill them, we also sell accessories including a multipurpose lighter - great for candles, lamps and barbecues as well as essential kit for a campsite.

A Wide Range of Hurricane Lamps and Glass Votives for all Occasions!

We have sourced a range of glass hurricane lamps for every occasion - from decorative lamps designed to hold church and pillar candles to attractive, practical outdoor tealight hurricane lamps. Use the tealight hurricane lamp to light your garden or patio. Also perfect for camping. Our glass votives make wonderful romantic decorations at any time of year: string from the trees and plants in your garden to turn your outside areas into a fairytale setting. The glass hurricane lamps sold by the Candlelight Company are the ideal way to keep your flame safe from breezes - and to keep your patio furniture safe from candles. You can purchase all of our tealight hurricane lamps, pillar lamps and glass votives online using PayPal, or by using your credit or debit card. If you would prefer to make an order over the phone please call - we will be happy to help.

Contemporary Hurricane Lamp - Glass

Contemporary Hurricane Lamp - Glass
Price: 17.95

A unique and modern design Glass Hurricane Lamp to set off any room or garden setting perfectly. Made from heavy duty glass, ideal for use with a range of our Church Candles.

* clear heavy duty glass
* suitable for pillar or church candle (we recommend B9171 or B9175)
* height 20cm
* diameter 15cm

Cream Tealight Hurricane Lamp (LAMS02)

Cream Tealight Hurricane Lamp (LAMS02)
Price: 10.95

With its neutral colouring, this authentic looking hurricane lamp will be a welcome addition to any garden or patio. Create a cosy and inviting area that is gently lit with tealights in hurricane lamps and chill out until late into the evening.

* size: 26cm x 9cm
* colour: cream
* fuel: tealight
* suitable for indoor or outdoor use
* windproof

Hanging Teardrop Votive (VTGL07)

Hanging Teardrop Votive (VTGL07)
Price: 6.95

These beautiful glass votives with hanging chains will add a romantic glow to any room or garden, simply hang from any hook or tree branch to illuminate the area with a beautiful tealight glow. Perfect for weddings, parties, gardens - or just because!

* hanging glass votive
* suitable for tealights or votives
* height 9cm (not inc. chain), diameter 8cm

Votive Wooden Tray (VTGL08)

Votive Wooden Tray (VTGL08)
Price: 8.95

Create that warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home, your room or your dinner table inside or out with this rustic Votive Wooden Tray containing 3 glass votives. Makes a fantastic value-for-money gift!

* votive wooden tray
* contains 3 glass votives
* suitable for tealights or votive candles
* height 6cm , width 22cm, depth 7.5cm
* excellent gift