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Maria Buytaert Candles

Maria Buytaert Candles

Maria Buytaert Candles
Our Price 21.95

Click here to get a glimpse into the fascinating world of candle-making. These candles have been made by hand in fine craftsmanship since 1969.

Maria Buytaert candles are truly fascinating candles. These hand poured candles are made in Germany to a Danish design, produced within high quality control standards to ensure absolutely that the wax used is of the highest quality. Maria Buytaert candles take on a fascinating form as they burn, opening up to form incredible shapes around the rim creating a unique atmosphere.

Available in 10 vibrant colours and 2 sizes.

* Choose from 10 vibrant colours (see colour chart below)
* Choose from 2 sizes
* Amazing forms as they burn
* High qualty wax
* Packed in sturdy cardboard gift tubes
* Instruction leaflet included
* Gift Card/message option at checkout
Colour Chart
Forest Green
Dark Pink
Fragranced Vanilla Spa
Fragranced Winter Spa
Fragranced Orange