Thai Deodorant Stone

HISTORY:The stones have been used in Thailand for hundreds of years as a body & foot odour prophylactic, without inhibiting the skins natural processes.

MAKE UP: The stones are 100% Pure & Natural. It is made from Potassium sulphate and mineral salts, these ingredients are acquired from mineral springs in Thailand and crystallised over a period of months. The stone is then hand cut and smoothed into an ergonomic shape. Because of the crystalline nature & hand cutting process, no two stones are identical in shape or structure. We try to keep the weight to within one or two grams of the weight ordered, so none are too heavy.

HOW TO USE: After a bath or shower, while the body is still wet, simply apply the stone to the areas that need protection, in the same manner as a roll-on. If the body is dry then wet the stone with water & apply, making sure the entire area is covered.

ADVICE: Do not leave the stone in water, as it will eventually dissolve. If dropped on a hard surface the stone may break. It is advised to rinse the stone before each application especially if more than one person is using it. The stone is neither sticky nor greasy and will not stain clothes Each stone, if used by one person, should last at least six months & probably as long as a year.